The Cahiers Series is published by Sylph Editions in collaboration with The American University of Paris. The goal of this series is to make available new explorations in writing, in translating, and in the areas linking these two activities.

Cahiers can be bought individually or in a boxed set of , at a reduced price.
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Please note that Cahiers nos.
1, 2, 5, 16, 17 and 21 are currently out of print


Translating Music | Richard Pevear    [OUT OF PRINT]
Walking on Air | Muriel Spark   [OUT OF PRINT]
Circles of Silence | J Harvey and J-C Carričre
Drunken Boats | Alan Jenkins
Proust, Blanchot and a Woman in Red | Lydia Davis    [OUT OF PRINT]
Text on Textile | Isabella Ducrot
Days Bygone | Rachel Shihor
When the Pie Was Opened | Paul Muldoon
Notes from the Hall of Uselessness | Simon Leys
Józef Czapski: A Life in Translation | Keith Botsford
In the Thick of Things | Vincen Cornu
Lost and Found | Alison Leslie Gold
Ballade Nocturne | Gao Xingjian
Animalinside | László Krasznahorkai & Max Neumann
Evasions | Daniel Albright
Writing Beckett’s Letters | George Craig   [OUT OF PRINT]
A Labour of Moles | Ivan Vladislavic   [OUT OF PRINT]
Her Not All Her | Elfriede Jelinek
Shades of the Other Shore | Jeffrey Greene and Ralph Petty
Nay Rather | Anne Carson   [OUT OF PRINT]
The Tilted Cup | Paul Griffiths
Clarice: The Visitor | Idra Novey
Angry in Piraeus | Maureen Freely
The Swan Whisperer |
Marlene van Niekerk
Translator's Blues | Franco Nasi